2016 Goals

Since it is February I’ve think it is about time to post about resolutions.

I have decided have goals this year instead of resolutions. I really enjoyed making a list of things to work on last year so I decided to go ahead and do it again this year. I feel like the word “resolution” tends to make me feel a little pressure and I really don’t want to set myself up to be disappointed if something doesn’t go exactly as planned. The word “goal” feels a little more forgiving and reaching goals might be a little easier to achieve rather than sticking to resolutions.

Anyhoo here goes the list for this year (I think it will resemble last year’s quite a bit.)


This one should be pretty easy. I have really found an exercise schedule that works for me and has made a huge difference in my strength and endurance. I think it is important for me to make my health a priority so I don’t think I will have any issues with this one. I do want to try to incorporate different elements. I want to play golf and more paddle-boarding. I enjoy both of these things very much and look forward to getting them into the rotation.




I really want to branch out with my recipes this year. I want to try new things and get a little out of my comfort zone. I am also on a mission to get my kids to try new foods as well. We have got to get away from the chicken nugget/mac and cheese cycle. I will also let them help me more in the kitchen. When they are part of the process they are much more likely to try new foods.





Schoolwork and family time are going to be really big this year. Little Man is to the point where homework is really important and making time to do this every day is crucial. I want to make this time fun and enjoyable, not tedious. In order to do this I am going to create a new homework station for the kids. I hope this will make homework and study time fun. 


I need to work on this. Most of the time I walk off and forget my big camera and only use my phone. The pictures are good but I really want to play with my camera more to really use it to get some good shots.


This was one area we really excelled in last year. We have several trips already in the works for this year and we are super excited. Spending time as a family in fun places is definitely something to look forward to.



“Keep Improving” will be my motto this year. I want to be a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, boss, co-worker, you name it. If I can keep improving.

These goals are pretty basic and I tend to have monthly goals as well so hopefully I can keep up with them!

Here’s to your goals this year as well! May we all have a great 2016!!


2015 Year in Review

2015 was definitely one for the record books. I know, I know I haven’t posted since February of last year (really??!!)-eek. 2015 was filled with fun and adventure but at the same time I felt like my inspiration for this little blog moved to the back burner. Not because it wasn’t important anymore but because I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted it to go or what I had to say. I was feeling lack of inspiration and really that is it. When the inspiration isn’t there it shows and I didn’t want to post just to post. 

I’ve realized now that although I have nothing groundbreaking going on over here, this space is important to me. I love having a place to look back and see how my life was going at that particular moment. I love seeing my kids grow and I love having a place to share with others. So with that being said, I will post my resolutions for the year soon, and needless to say blogging regularly is definitely on the list.

Before that though, here is the year that was 2015. Be ready for tons of photos.



Last years resolutions were definitely in effect. I really worked hard on getting strong and healthy. Exercise has always been an important part of my life but now even more so. January started off with a bang.


We also celebrated a 4th birthday.



Another special birthday.



Baseball also started.



I started a membership at the YMCA. I was able to start trying out new classes.

Spin was a new one for me. 



I also dabbled again with eating Paleo-ish.




We stayed in a hotel that reminded me of “The Shining”


We went to a hockey game.



More baseball.


We celebrated my Mom’s Birthday with a shrimp boil.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We had a ballet recital.





This month had celebrations.

Memorial Day

IMG_5943 IMG_5945



And someone special’s birthday



This month marked our first trip to the Keys for the year.

This little fishy learned to swim.






We made a Summer Bucket List and were able to check off almost everything!


We visited a beautiful beach and found hundreds of shark teeth.






This month was filled with travel and fun.

We spent the majority of the month in the Keys.

We had a great Fourth of July.






Midway through the month the grown-ups flew to the Windy City.IMG_6308

IMG_6277 - Copy (2)





Then back down to the Keys to finish of the month and catch some lobsters.





Back to school and back to soccer.






This month was quiet except for some school events and a pretty epic wine and cheese party.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


This month we were busy with birthday celebrations and yummy food.IMG_7438




I hosted Thanksgiving for the very first time!



We took a quick trip to Savannah.




This month was filled with Christmas celebrations and tons of family time. 





I loved our tree this year.IMG_8008

The kids LOVED our Advent calendar.


A much needed girl’s night out.IMG_8279

Waiting patiently to open presents.


We cooked a Christmas duck and it was amazing.IMG_8390

Aren’t these the prettiest Yorkshire Pudding’s you have ever seen? My mom made them and the were the fluffiest most delicious things ever.IMG_8934

After Christmas we took one last quick trip to South Carolina.IMG_8967

We had such a great year. I was able to really stick to my resolutions and I am definitely proud of that.  

While all the photos look like tons of fun I definitely still deal with the craziness that goes along with having two children, owning a business and trying to stay healthy and stress-free. We worked hard and played hard and made so many wonderful memories.

2016 has a lot to live up to.


To Resolve or Not to Resolve…



Happy 2015!

Long time no see! I take complete responsibility. I just realized that my last post was October 1st. Seriously? I would like to blame the lack of inspiration for my absence but to be honest once October hit, we were non-stop until January 2nd. I always say that once Halloween arrives, time passes in a blur and the next thing you know it is a new year. Well this time, it started on my birthday in mid-October and has been a complete time-warp to where we are today. Not to bore you with too many details but between Halloween, Thanksgiving, several birthdays, school parties and programs, not to mention all the social events of December our plate has been full. Work and life took over and my little blog suffered because of it. All is well now though and I want to hit the ground running in 2015 (even though it is already the 7th…)

I looked at my post from this time last year and it seemed a little vague in the way of resolutions for the new year. I know the jury is out for some people on the idea of New Year’s resolutions. I’ve seen annoyed Facebook posts by people who are already tired of resolutions in their feed. I’ve read articles on how setting resolutions in the New Year is a recipe for disappointment. I think I fall into a sort of middle ground on this (go figure). I think that the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on what has worked the past 12 months, what hasn’t and tweak things accordingly. It is also a perfect time to try to get to a healthy pace after a month (in my case 3) of overindulgence and a lax schedule. I also think being able to give yourself a chance to re-start every so often is good and gives you a little perspective.

I am all about supporting those who have resolved to better themselves in the upcoming year. I also understand that it is important for us to set reachable goals so that we aren’t disappointed come mid-February when we aren’t 3 sizes smaller, our houses completely organized and our kids reading 3 grades ahead. Baby steps party people.

So with that in mind I have decided to jump on the train and make some resolutions. Here are some of mine for the New Year. I am putting these here as a way for me to look back and see how well I have done and but not beat myself up in case things don’t go exactly as planned.

Get Healthy/Strong

When I mentioned having a full plate in December, I really meant it. My plate was full of everything all the time and I ate every.single.bit. That mixed with the constant change in schedule throughout the month (read: no gym) has left me feeling sluggish and all of my clothes feeling a bit too snug. No bueno. So I am back at the gym each day and using the My Fitness Pal app again to keep an eye on things. I also got a Fitbit for my birthday which I am really enjoying. Little Man asks me each day when I pick him up if I have reached my 10,000 steps. If I haven’t I try to take him and the Princess both on a walk to get to my goal.

I also want to go with Little Man to more of his Running Club meetings. These are fun for both of us. (Since this falls under the Healthy/Strong item I’m including it here).

Running Club

I want to work on strength training again. It feels great to be able to lift my kids (and other heavy things). Seeing a little definition doesn’t hurt either. We will see how it goes.

Read More Books

I want to set a reading list and stick to it. I miss reading new books and need this back in my life. Do you have any book suggestions?

Be Patient

I talked about this before here. I am really working hard on this one. I want my kids to learn patience and I think the best way is through observing. I feel like the more patient I can be, the happier everyone will be. Everyone else happy=happy Mommy.


I want to take a couple of trips this year. Even if it is somewhere close, I just want the kids to be able to see and experience new locations. I enjoyed this when I was young and I know they will too.


Our Keys trip last year.

Work Hard on Growing our Business

Without really going into it too much this one is pretty self-explanatory. My husband and I own a business and I want 2015 to be a great year for us. I think with hard work and focus we can make it happen.

Blog Regularly

This goes without saying. October 1st? Sheesh.

Really Enjoy My People

This one is the most important to me. I want to focus on every little moment I have with the ones I love. Whether it be my husband, my kids, our families or friends, I want to make an effort to live in the moment. Be present with them and give them all of my attention when we are together. I run at about 100mph all the time and my mind is constantly multi-tasking. I want to turn that part off and just listen a little more. I am excited about this one.

So there they are, my resolutions. I am looking forward to what 2015 has in store for us.

How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions?