Happy Friday

What a busy week! This one has certainly flown by. We’ve been sticking to our Paleo-dinners-during-the-week and have really been enjoying it. We had two nights of carnitas (not pictured) which I think has become a new weekly thing. It is just so easy to throw some pork in the crock pot, shred it up when it is ready and you have dinner for at least two nights. Boom.

Another night it was roasted chicken with Tandoori spice, sautéed zucchini with onions and tomatoes with avocado on the side.


Picadillo- grass-fed beef, onions, bell peppers, tomato paste, a boatload of spices and green olives. Roasted sweet potatoes and avocado (I have a problem) on the side.


I even got a picture of one of the kids dinners which is rare because they normally eat faster than I can grab a camera. (Disclaimer: kids are not on board the Paleo train)

“Chicken and Waffles”- Chicken nuggets with the whole wheat waffles, (I made a big batch one weekend and put a bunch in the freezer) with maple syrup, corn, applesauce and cheddar cheese. The kids thought eating waffles for dinner was hilarious. Hey, whatever works. 


So there is a little peek into what it looked like on the dinner front over here this week.

We are looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. Tee Ball game and beautiful weather. Sounds good to me.

Here are a couple other things I’m looking forward to.

As I mentioned before I am a big fan of meal planning. It really helps keep things running smoothly during the week which is huge for me. We recently signed up for Cook Smarts which I am really excited about. I love that I can tailor the plans to be Paleo or Gluten Free. I am also a fan of having the shopping list emailed. I will let you know how it goes.

I was excited to find this wine again in my grocery store.

Red Truck

My aunt and I really enjoyed this for a while but then it wasn’t available. I’m glad it’s back and I can’t wait to give it another try.

So there it is for this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Meal Planning

I have been trying really hard to keep with a meal plan every week for our weeknight dinners. It not only helps us stay on track health-wise but also budget-wise. I was making my list and grocery shopping on Sunday’s but it actually takes a good chunk of time and honestly I would rather spend a full free day hanging with my family, not pouring over the internet looking for recipes and spending an hour at the grocery store. So I have started planning and shopping on Monday and I will say it is working a lot better. That way I can shop solo which is always a little easier and a LOT quicker. I have this dry erase sticker that we keep on the fridge. That way everyone knows what the plan is. But mainly it is so I stay on track.

I am really really trying to get to a point where the whole family eats the same thing. While my daughter is pretty game for just about any food, my son is super-picky. I always say that for being the child of parents who will eat (or at least try) ANYTHING, we created the pickiest eater. He is definitely a “kid food” type. But I’ve found that the more he helps me cook, the more new things he is willing to try. I think being part of the process really interests him. So, for now we have two meal plans, one for us and one for the kids. But I hope to change that soon.

Harper Eat

Here is what our plan looks like this week.


Us- Taco Salads. Ground beef sautéed with coconut oil, a strawberry onion (picked two up at a farm stand after we left the Strawberry Festival. These are so good), 2 zucchini and the following spices, chili powder, cumin, chipotle chili powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Topped with mashed avocado, tomatoes and hot sauce. I added some cottage cheese to mine.

Kids- Chicken nuggets, 365 Organic Shells and Cheese, frozen corn, whole wheat King’s Hawaiian rolls, strawberries for the Princess and grapes for Little Man.


Eating out. Dinner with Little Man’s Tee Ball team


Us-Crockpot Pork Roast. I will normally put a 2lb roast in the crock pot with an onion, a couple cloves of garlic, chicken stock, onion powder, salt and pepper. I keep the seasonings pretty basic because we normally spread this out over two days. We will eat this with roasted veggies. I normally roast broccoli, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes all at the same time.

Kids- Grilled Cheese on Whole Wheat King’s Hawaiian Rolls. Frozen corn and pineapple to go with.


Us- This is a Tee Ball game night. Convenience is key so we aren’t tempted to just eat out after. Leftover pork will turn into carnitas bowls. I re-heat the pork and then eat over broccoli slaw (normally I would use brown rice but I’m really trying this week to stay away from rice at dinnertime) and top with all sorts of stuff. Salsa, avocado (more than likely leftover roasted veggies too), fat free greek yogurt (for me), tomatoes, cucumbers and lots of hot sauce.

Kids-Little Man will probably have a cheese stick and peanut butter and jelly sandwich before the game. The Princess will snack at the game and then when we get home they will have homemade pizzas on pita with strawberries/pineapple and broccoli “trees”.


This is the day we normally play it by ear. Little Man has golf lessons that last late so when we grab him he is normally starving. We may have leftovers or take out. Friday’s are always a toss-up and that is fine with me as long as we stuck to the plan for the beginning portion of the week for the most part 😉

I really want to try eat a little better during the week so I don’t feel so bad indulging in this on the weekend.


It is all about goals right?

What is your meal planning process? Any tips or tricks that work for you?