Weekend Things

This weekend was busy again. It was filled with family and fun, my two favorite things.

We went to my sister and brother-in-law’s house with my parents and some friends. The kids had a ball and so did the grown-ups. Talking, eating and just spending quality time together. The night ended with s’mores so you know it was awesome.





Sunday I woke up super-hungry and decided to make a yummy breakfast. We had leftover pork roast so I sautéed that with the last two eggs we had,  mushrooms, onions and a chopped jalapeno. I put this over top of a corn tortilla that I fried in coconut oil. Topped it all with a little feta, a roasted tomato slice, half of an avocado and hot sauce.  It hit the spot. I also liked that it cleaned out the refrigerator 😉


Lunch was a restaurant that has great New England style seafood. I had the fried shrimp with hush puppies. The portion was huge!!


As you can see, the hush puppies were popular.



I also managed to get our back porch all cleaned up. I am ready for dinners outside now that the sun will be out longer and the weather is absolutely beautiful.

Hope your weekend was great too.


Gym Machine Workouts

I have been going to the gym off and on for years (more off than on). I know my way around pretty well but for some reason I am completely and utterly intimidated by the weight machines. Every day I skip my butt to the Arc trainer and jog/climb/run/walk whatever it is I am actually doing and get my cardio in for the day. I watch the people making their circuit rounds on the machines and it looks pretty effortless really. Unfortunately, when I try to use the machines my absurd social craziness kicks in and I feel like every.one.is.watching. Watching me look at the machine to see which muscles I will be working, and then when I clumsily pull on the handle to adjust the seat (26 times) then finally get ready to go and just know I look like a dufus. I’m sure I am exaggerating but I really want to become more comfortable with the machines. I know the benefits of strength training and have really been trying to incorporate this into my workouts. I have been scouring Pinterest to find good workouts and schedules for each day of the week but keep coming up short. I will keep looking for ideas. My husband said he will walk me through it as apparently he is a exercise equipment master. So I will give it a try again tomorrow and see how it goes. Will give a report on the dufusness.

Breakfast followed my gym escapade. This smoothie had Unsweetened Almond Milk as the base, Chobani strawberry yogurt, almond butter, a frozen banana and a scoop of Designer Whey. So yum. I just really love smoothies. Mainly because I usually have zero time to eat breakfast in the mornings but also because they are so good.


Lunch was inhaled at my desk. Strawberries, cheese stick, deli turkey breast and a tomato and baby carrots dipped in Ken’s Blue Cheese Vinaigrette.


I am also getting back into using MyFitnessPal. Love this App. Has a million different food choices. I was a Weight Watchers member for a while and I was always searching for foods and having to calculate when I couldn’t find them in the database. MyFitnessPal has SO many things in the database. Love it. I really like getting back to keeping track of what I eat and how much I move.

Hoping to try a turkey chili recipe for dinner tonight. We will see how it goes!

This Week

This week was good, because it was the first week back into some sort of a routine. Back to school, back to the gym and back to the 9-5. I blinked and now it is Friday. Here are some things that happened today.

Finished reading this. I was thrilled to find this at Barnes and Noble this week. It encompasses everything I was thinking when I started this blog. Perfect timing. I hope to be able to talk about all these articles soon.


The husband had some of this. The cup says Shipyard Summer Ale but this was actually Shock Top.


Lunch was this. Crab Cake Caesar Salad. It was pretty yummy. The crab cakes could have been a little firmer but they were filled with crab and not filler, which is how I like my crab cakes. IMG_0050

And after school snack involved this. #notashamedthatIstealmychildrensfood

Waffle Fries

The weather was absolutely beautiful today here in the FL. I am hoping to take the fam outside this weekend to enjoy it! Happy Friday!