Some Recent Eats and Drinks

We have had a pretty busy long weekend and week. (Now that it is almost the weekend again). Sheesh time really flies. My oldest was out of school for two days so it gave us an excuse to eat lunch out a couple extra times.

Pho Friday- This was with tofu and vegetables. There were TONS of veggies, even cucumber! I’m not usually a fan of warm cucumber (“That’s what she said.” Do people still say that?). Anyhoo, the addition in this was great.


This face.


We also had lunch at a Mexican/Taco place one day. I had the California Fish Tacos. They were good, but not unforgettable. Don’t get me wrong, I love cabbage, but these puppies were LOADED down.


Loved this light fixture.


Quick stop for ice cream in the afternoon.


Sandwiched between those two days we made it to a Scottish Festival. There were some nibbles, but mostly this.



Can’t wait for the weekend. Birthday celebration for this one.


Chat soon. xo