Year Seven

Little Man,

About two weeks ago we celebrated your seventh birthday.

Wow. It is hard to believe it has been seven years since you changed our lives (for the better) forever.

You amaze me every day. You are so smart and sweet. Everyone loves to be around you especially me. My favorite time of day is when you snuggle with me on the sofa at night right before you fall asleep.

Here are some of the things you really like right now.

Sports (all the sports) Hockey-you love to watch the Lightning play on T.V. When you fall asleep before the end the first thing you do the next morning is ask Siri who won. Baseball- you are really doing well playing and listening to the coaches. I know you have fun out there and it makes me so proud to watch you play. Soccer- you love to watch Orlando City on T.V. and played really well this past season.

Xbox- you got this for Christmas and would play every day if we let you. I know it is fun, I just don’t want you to grow up too fast.

Shrimp- you LOVE shrimp. It is really cute and I like that you are branching out even if just a little.

Reading-you are really good at reading and I hope you keep it up. There are so many exciting adventures out there in so many amazing books. I hope you find a love for reading. It is so fun.

 Things that you really DON’T like right now.

Being patient with your sister-we are really working on this. She just wants to do everything you do. You are her hero. Cut her a break every once in a while 😉

Being a graceful winner-you like to win. You REALLY like to win and when you do everyone knows about it. I’m hoping this will calm down a little bit.

You are becoming such a neat little man and I love you so much.

I’m looking forward to what this year has to offer.







Year Four

My Beautiful Princess,

It is hard to believe you turned four last week. I am constantly amazed with the little person you have become. You are determined, kind, imaginative and funny.

Here is a little peek into what you LOVE right now.

Skirts and Tutu’s – You will not wear any sort of pants without the addition of a skirt. It is adorable and also a little frustrating (searching for the last clean skirt as we are running out the door).

Cheese – You are your mother’s child. You can’t get enough of this stuff.

Being Pushed on the Swing – You could do this for hours. You ask me to push you when I drop you off at school and when I pick you up. You are getting really good at doing it yourself. You go super-high!!

Taking Showers – I can’t even bribe you to take a bath right now (although I try). You love taking showers and you giggle and sing the whole time. It is super-adorable.

Walking next to the cart a the grocery store – You no longer want to ride in the cart (sniff). You are actually very helpful and you never run off (if it is just the two of us). If your brother is with us all bets are off and you have to ride (for sure).

Strawberry Milk – Who doesn’t?

Now to a few things you do NOT LOVE right now.

Hearing the word “No” – It is getting better but we definitely need to work on this one.

The dark – This is a big one right now. You are very fearful when the lights are out. That is why we have not one but 4 night lights strategically placed throughout the house to guide your way 😉

Leaving any party/visit/playdate, etc – Even when we prep hours before any event and let you know that we have to leave at a certain time, you seem to always melt down when it is time to go. I really can’t blame you, I don’t want the fun to end either.

Only being 4 – You wish you were as big as your brother. Trust me love bug, you will be there before we know it and I won’t know what to do.

Happy Birthday My Little Princess. Your Mommy and Daddy love you more than the sun, the moon and the universe.


IMG_1820  IMG_4644




Birthday Weekend

This weekend we celebrated my Mom’s Birthday. It was a great day filled with great food and even greater company. We even got to play with this sweet little face.


Cheese and fruit appetizer.


Then the main event. My Mom decided she wanted a seafood boil to celebrate her special day. Ours had crab legs, shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. The guys manned the fire and it all came together pretty quickly. Every 10 minutes something new would go in the pot.

Potatoes first.



Then the corn.



Sausage and lemons next.


Finally the shrimp and crab. They turned off the heat and let steam for about 10 more minutes.



Time to eat!



We finished the evening off with a few different desserts from our favorite bakery. Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Rum Raisin Bread Pudding and Mom’s favorite Tiramisu.


It was such a great day celebrating my wonderful Mama!

Love you Mom!!




Happy Harper Day!

Yesterday, my sweet sweet boy, we celebrated your sixth year! Everyone you meet loves you and we do too!

Here are the things you really like right now.

  • Playing Disney Infinity
  • Asking LOTS and LOTS of questions. You want to know so much about everything and I love it! It is amazing how your brain works.
  • Reading. You are reading chapter books now and are so good at it. I still cannot believe you can read to me. You are so smart.
  • Fried shrimp. This one amazes me because you are very picky otherwise. But I love that you are trying new things.
  • Tee Ball. You hit and catch really well and I am so proud of you every time I watch.
  • You’ve just started golf lessons and you really like them.
  • Helping. You are such a great helper and are always willing to lend a hand.

Things you are not really into right now.

  • Being patience with your sister.
  • Eating any veggie other than green peas and broccoli. You also really don’t like to try too many new things.
  • Anything too scary. You still come visit me in the night when you have a nightmare (I am hoping you keep doing this as I don’t know what I will do when you are too old to need your Mommy).

You truly inspire us every day and it is wonderful to see the world through your eyes. We love you more than the sun, the moon and the universe.







Happy Adeline Day

Yesterday, my sweet firecracker we celebrated your third year in this world. You amaze us every day. I love your fire and determination and I don’t think you are scared of anything.

Here are some things you really like now:


-Gummy anything (but especially worms)

-Dresses (especially ones with tulle)

-Princesses and Ballerina’s

-Any form of pasta you can get your hands on.

-Wearing nightgowns every night. You especially love the “Ariel” one and you always ask me, “Mommy Ariel is clean right?” so you can wear it.

-Saying “This is my jam” (so funny)

-Listening to me read books to you. You love books.

-Playing with your brother (until he takes something of yours and then you scream)

-You pride yourself on not being scared. If I ask you, “Adeline are you afraid of that”?” you say “No Mommy, I am brave”. You truly are.

-Believing that you can do ANYTHING anyone else can do. I love your competitive spirit and fearlessness when it comes to trying new things.

Here are some things you are NOT a fan of these days:

-Being told “No”.  For any reason, at any time.

-Transitioning into new activities before you are ready. Goes with the determination. You do not like to do anything if it isn’t on your terms.

-Maybe TMI but poopy on the potty. You will not do it. I’m hoping this will change soon.

-Pants aka anything that is not a dress (see above.)

-Me holding your hand when I pick you up from school. You want to walk BY YOURSELF.



Addie Window




You have made our family complete and each day I think how very thankful I am that you are here. We love you Addie-Boo.