Sunday Funday

I love days that turn into fun adventures that aren’t planned. We had an exceptionally fun Sunday. Normally Sundays consist of cleaning, laundry, meal planning, kids staying in their pajamas too long, laundry, me staying in my pajamas too long, grocery shopping and did I mention laundry? When we woke up to a beautiful day on Sunday (after a gross, gray, rainy day Saturday) we were itching for some outdoor fun. So we ditched the dreaded laundry and headed to the coast.

I love where we live. We can hop in the vehicle and be breathing salt air in 45 minutes (40 if you ask my husband). So a quick car trip (just enough time for a much needed nap for the kiddos) and we were there. We watched the boats from the deck while we waited for our table at the restaurant. It was breezy, but so beautiful. Just being near the water makes me happy.


Out the window



We ate lunch (which I didn’t take pictures of because it was really dark in the restaurant). We wanted to eat outside but the kids were famished and the first-come-first-served diners outside were enjoying the day too and no one seemed in any hurry to get up. A nice man at the table next to ours came over and asked if he could take our picture. This was really nice, because I never ask anyone to take our picture although I always want more family pictures of us! He was a sweet man who had 20+ grandchildren! Maybe seeing our two crazies make him miss his 🙂


After lunch we headed to the beach! We let the kids run around and step in the water. Eventually Adeline soaked her dress in the waves and we had to run to the store to buy her a shirt. I had only packed her a change of pants (the joys of potty training).


How tall is he? Ugh, time flies.


I mean she can’t like her cheek to be pinched like that. Brothers!



Making sure he isn’t too far away

Then we headed to the pier to watch the fishermen. No one seemed to be catching any fish except for this guy. He was a pro. He would dive down and catch a fish every time! We watched him catch at least 5.



Stalking his prey

Harper wanted a turn with the camera.


Love them.


After a great day we headed home and I was lucky enough to get another nap out of these two on the drive. Here’s to awesome unplanned fun family days. Now back to reality and laundry.

Some Recent Eats and Drinks

We have had a pretty busy long weekend and week. (Now that it is almost the weekend again). Sheesh time really flies. My oldest was out of school for two days so it gave us an excuse to eat lunch out a couple extra times.

Pho Friday- This was with tofu and vegetables. There were TONS of veggies, even cucumber! I’m not usually a fan of warm cucumber (“That’s what she said.” Do people still say that?). Anyhoo, the addition in this was great.


This face.


We also had lunch at a Mexican/Taco place one day. I had the California Fish Tacos. They were good, but not unforgettable. Don’t get me wrong, I love cabbage, but these puppies were LOADED down.


Loved this light fixture.


Quick stop for ice cream in the afternoon.


Sandwiched between those two days we made it to a Scottish Festival. There were some nibbles, but mostly this.



Can’t wait for the weekend. Birthday celebration for this one.


Chat soon. xo

Happy Monday

We had a very fun and full weekend. Lots of fun. Too much fun. Still recovering fun.

On Saturday we went to the grand opening of a new Farmer’s Market in town. There was a huge turnout. So huge that we thought we would have a difficult time parking (read: cars lining both sides of the street and people directing traffic) but we eventually found a place that was pretty close. Once in the farm it didn’t feel crowded at all. The property is a huge space and they had it set up into sections. The market with vendors, some food trucks and then a separate area where the kids could feed the animals! The vendors on the market side were spread out nicely so it didn’t feel too cumbersome. They had two large fruit/vegetable tents.


Beets and radishes are such pretty colors!

Local honey. My Mom and I got some Wildflower honey. Super good.


Baby goats!!!  So cute.


There were all sorts of animals. Cows, a Brahman bull, ducks, chickens, a turkey, pigs, rabbits. The kids had a ball. We will definitely revisit this market.


The rest of Saturday involved watching the kids play in the front while enjoying a nice cold beverage.



Then dinner was roasted chicken (will post our recipe soon!).


With it we had rice with shredded zucchini and cheese, and a salad with carrots, broccoli slaw, bell peppers and avocado.


Sunday we had a birthday party to go to and dinner involved this delicious bucket of goodness. Why are crab legs always so stinkin good? Butter bath maybe??IMG_0137

Fabulous end to a really nice weekend.

I did make it home in time to watch 3/4 of the Golden Globes. My bedtime is normally like that of an 80 year old so I was proud of myself for holding on as long as I did. Jennifer Lawrence needs to be my BFF. Seriously. Love her.

Hopefully your Monday has been totally bearable.