Happy Adeline Day

Yesterday, my sweet firecracker we celebrated your third year in this world. You amaze us every day. I love your fire and determination and I don’t think you are scared of anything.

Here are some things you really like now:


-Gummy anything (but especially worms)

-Dresses (especially ones with tulle)

-Princesses and Ballerina’s

-Any form of pasta you can get your hands on.

-Wearing nightgowns every night. You especially love the “Ariel” one and you always ask me, “Mommy Ariel is clean right?” so you can wear it.

-Saying “This is my jam” (so funny)

-Listening to me read books to you. You love books.

-Playing with your brother (until he takes something of yours and then you scream)

-You pride yourself on not being scared. If I ask you, “Adeline are you afraid of that”?” you say “No Mommy, I am brave”. You truly are.

-Believing that you can do ANYTHING anyone else can do. I love your competitive spirit and fearlessness when it comes to trying new things.

Here are some things you are NOT a fan of these days:

-Being told “No”.  For any reason, at any time.

-Transitioning into new activities before you are ready. Goes with the determination. You do not like to do anything if it isn’t on your terms.

-Maybe TMI but poopy on the potty. You will not do it. I’m hoping this will change soon.

-Pants aka anything that is not a dress (see above.)

-Me holding your hand when I pick you up from school. You want to walk BY YOURSELF.



Addie Window




You have made our family complete and each day I think how very thankful I am that you are here. We love you Addie-Boo.

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